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Seeing a Chiropractor really helped my endometriosis

Hi all

I am new to this forum and have joined because I have had endometriosis and have seen significant improvement since I started seeing a chiropractor, and I wanted to share this because it might be something that could maybe help other sufferers too.

I am a 45 year old female who has had very bad periods for the last 13 years or so, and the pain and discomfort got lots worse about 5 years ago. I have also had pcos, fibroids, ovarian cysts, miscarriages, you name it, I've had it. I tried chinese medicine and acupuncture all to no avail. Also I really changed my diet to be as healthy as possible but it made only a small difference. I got referred to a gynae consultant and ended up having a laparascopy 3 years ago and had endometrial growth removed which had been growing on various organs. It wasn't the most severe endometriosis but it was stage 3 if i remember correctly. But it was severe to me and was having a major impact on my life.

I noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms after the laparascopy and had a couple of months where i was pain free! But then the symptoms slowly came back to the point that last year I was suffering pain 2 weeks of the month and was really debilitated by it - my work was suffering because I was in such pain and feeling dizzy and out of it too - I was taking days off every month around the time of my period. I also had extremely achy joints which would last all of the pmt and period and beyond - mainly my arms and finger joints. And my confidence was suffering because I was not able to perform well in work when I felt like this. And I lost count of the number of social events/evenigns out that I had to cancel because I felt so ill each month for so long. So, most of last year I was pretty miserable because of this and I was in the process of being referred for another consultation to get a 2nd laparascopy when a friend suggested I visited her chiropractor. I was desperate, so I did. I didn't notice any changes for the first three visits but after that things started to improve and I have seen a major difference in how i feel each month. The pain has almost disappeared now and if I do have pmt it is for a couple of days before the period and then some pain during the period. Some periods I hardly know they are arriving at all, they are so pain-free. I still don't feel great during my period but I feel I have really started to get my life back after years of feeling so debilitated. And the woozy, dizzy, out-of-it sensation I would have all during my pmt and period is hardly there at all.

My chiropractor says its to do with inflammation I had at the bottom of the spine which affect the nerves and the blood supply to the organs including the womb etc which caused all my pain. I go and see her twice a month now for just a very short adjustment.

Anyway, just wanted to let the forum know that i have been greatly helped by my chiropractor and it has avoided me going for another laparascopy or going on the pill which is the only other suggestion any doctor or consultant ever had for me. And I really do feel like I have got my life back. So it might be something worth considering.

I wish you all the best


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I have also found relief by seeing a chiropractor regularly, I've been going for about 5-6 years and now see him about once every 2 months (I'd probably go once a month if I could afford to). My chiro also explained that it has to do with the nerves at the base of my spine. I recommend it too.



Glad to hear it is helping you too - my chiropractor has a good set-up whereby if she thinks someone needs to be seen regularly she just charges £30 per month and sees you as much as is needed, so I am never paying more than £30 per month and usually see her twice a month now though it was more in the earlier days.


Hi Mazzers,

Thanks for posting and delighted to hear you have found something that works for you.

I find this very interesting as I've been recently thinking about my whole alignment (not good) and I'm convinced it's contributing to endo problems and not the other way around. My posture has never been good in that area. My pelvis kind of tips forward.

I am also thinking of doing the Alexander Technique to improve my posture and keep it maintained. This might be a good thing for you to consider as a way of extending the benefit of the chiropractor's work. Yoga or Tai Chi might be good too.

Your whole past experience sounds very similar to mine! I'm now 48 and laparotomy surgery and pills/mirena are next on the list but trying other things in the meantime.

Thank you for sharing your positive story. x


Thanks for your reply - yes I want to try yoga to try and help with circulation and blood flow generally. I have found my doctors/consultants just want to shut me up and put me on the pill - but I think that should be a last resort really.. i am amazed at how much i have been helped by the chiro sessions - wish i had discovered it a decade ago, would have saved me so much pain and discomfort!


Hi I too see a chiropracter weekly at the moment and I can definitely feel the benefit. I love the holistic attitude he has and we discuss nutrition too. I think it helps that I feel like I am actively doing something to help myself too along with following gluten free organic clean diet .


I know, holistic attitudes just don't exist yet on the nhs unfortunately…!


Thank you so much - reading this gives me hope!! I am going to get on getting a chiropractor ASAP.. I pray it'll help my constant pain.. I feel like I have so much inflammation on the bottom of my spine!!


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