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Weight gain and fatigue after lap?

Hi ladies. Just wondering if anyone has experience of the above. I had my first lap almost 8 weeks ago. I only have stage 2 and they think they managed to laser all of the endo away. Things are still settling (i think) but I've gained lots of weight. My diet probably isn't great so have been making changes to fit the endo diet but just surprised at where all this weight has come from? The fatigue is also pretty rubbish but I think a lot of us seem to suffer from that. I have a dog that I'm walking twice a day and like I said my diet isn't great but it's not the worst and yet I've just ballooned?

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Hi, I had my 1st lap in February (stage 4) endo and I am still experiencing weeks when I am incredibly tired - I get through my day at work , but het home and just want to doze on the sofa. But then the next week I'll be fine - I guess I am still recovering, as you probably will be too. Not sure about the weight gain - I know I've maybe put on about 1/2 stone, but think this maybe because I've been so tired that Ive not been doing as much as I normally would!


Thanks for the reply! Yeah it's half a stone I've put on. Will just have to keep an eye on it x


I feel where you are coming from. Had my second lap 10 weeks ago and the fatigue is unreal and I have gained over half a stone. I can barely get through my working day and then my sleeping pattern at night is still all over the place.

Speak to your GP as mine is sending me back to the consultant as feels the weight gain is abnormal to such a large level and combined with this my pain is worse than it was before the lap!!

Good luck and if you find any miracle quick weight fixers please let me know!


Have you all had your iron levels checked? I'm rarely out of bed with this horrible disease so I know how you feel. Your iron stores/iron could be low. Hugs xx


Not had any levels checked actually, had never thought of looking into it. My pain is also creeping back juralindz - feeling really down about it today as feel I'm back to square one. I'll maybe make an appointment to see my GP xx


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