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Dull constant ache

Hi, I have stage 4 endometriosis and I recently had a scan, luckily no cysts were found, but because of my history and the pain I am experiencing my consultant as agreed to do a laparoscopic surgery in July (I am hopefully going to pass exams to begin nursing at university so I am stubbornly waiting) I am still experiencing my regular pain, but have developed a dull achy pain in my left side. Could anyone recommend anything please. Hope all you lovely ladies have a nice day

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The only thing that I used to find would kind of take my mind of the aching was a really hot hot water bottle, I experience an achey pain in my thighs and up into my hips and pelvic area and I lye with about 3 hot water bottles on me and obviously take the pain killers aswell but I have been told by a gp that mefenamic acid is meant to help with aching cus it's an anti inflammatory. Hope this has helped x


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