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Diagnosed with ovarian cyst on right side. Took bc pill for 21 days, follow up ultrasound shows no cyst but hving same pain in next cycle

Hi I'm 22 yr old, experiencing severe pain on right side lower back and abdomen which shoots down my right leg(thigh) after my periods ends. I get this sudden urge to poop when pain becomes unbearable and I feel bit relaxed after taking poop. Pain lefts me feeling tired and energy-less. Most of the time cannot eat in pain fearing I might throw up if I eat something. It is so severe that I need to take sick leave from uni/work and it lefts in bed the whole day/week. I normally take 200 mg ibuprofen when pain hits.

Pain occurs after the end of my period, which is usually fourth day stays till next 15-16 days continuously

. I get normal regular periods. I do experience period pain but not as intense and as stubborn as this pain after periods. Its been happening since I was 18-19.

Year ago gp suspected that it could be endometriosis but ultrasound &CT came out normal with some free fluid. 2 months ago my gyn found out that I have right ovarian cyst of about 5-6 cms. Went on pill for 21 days, follow-up ultrasound report came normal, no evidence of cyst. I had spotting during mid-cycle for 3-4 days, mainly large blood clots with little or no blood, dark brown in colour. (I thought it could be cyst coming out from my insides)This is my first period after my treatment(bc pill) and I'm having same pain in same area as I used to experience before. Can cyst come back in just one cycle?

Was the follow-up ultrasound diagnosed wrong, (as the radiologist was done with my scanning in 3 mins)?

What to do next?

How do I control my emotions when pain hits??...it effected my social life a lot. I don't feel like talking to my friends and telling them what's wrong, fearing I might sound crybaby looking for sympathy. I feel I am bit cold towards my friendship. It also affected my work as no one like to deal with the employee who takes more than 3 sick leaves in a month and complains about low energy levels, tiredness and pain.

Please help, thanks in advance.

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