Excision surgery

I am having excision surgery in May and wondered if anyone can tell me how long the recovery is? I know it can be different for everyone but will it be longer than after having a normal lap? Also is it day surgery or a hospital stay? They gave me an appointment over the phone as it's a cancellation so I haven't received a letter yet explaining and just want a bit of info if anyone can help? The consultant is also going to sort out my adhesions.

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  • I've just had a hysterectomy and excision surgery on my endo, this recovery has been better than my laparoscopy and laser/ablation last year. I think, have good positive thoughts, takes vitamins and probiotic yogurts help. First time I was day surgery , hysterectomy was two nights. I think everyone is different .

    Good luck with your up and coming surgery xx

  • My surgeon told me the recovery time will be about 6-8 weeks. However it will depend on how extensive your endo is, and various other factors including your general health going into surgery. I am still awaiting a surgery date for mine. Good luck with the surgery and recovery! x

  • Took me 6 weeks to recover fully when I had this last year

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