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Stage 4 endometriosis and adenomyosis


I went to visit an endo specialist last week and after looking through my notes and having a very uncomfortable internal examination, I have been told I have adenomyosis as well as stage 4 endo.

I have been referred for an MRI to see which surgical procedure I will have to endure this time around.

I also have 4 large cysts and a large endometrioma.

They would like me to have the marina coil inserted but I do not like the idea of a coil, never have to be honest, but it may help with the pain.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with the same or had a marina coil? If you have any thought or advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


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I've got stage 4 endo, adeno, fibroids & PCOS. I tried the coil twice the first time it went missing and I didn't stop bleeding the whole 3 months. So they then removed it. I tried it again this year I had it put in which was awful I was screaming climbing up the bed & tears down my cheeks it was awful. They got it in. Then I started being sick, migraines, cramping after a week I started getting a stabbing pain. I ended up in hospital. The coil was missing again got infected & I needed a lap to remove it. However due to the adeno I now need a hysterectomy so my advice try the coil give it a go. I've heard some amazing things about how much it has helped some people. Good luck xx


I've also been diagnosed with adenomyosis and had a coil fitted during my lap. I have not noticed it there at all and no side effects other than a bit of spotting (which may be from the op?). I think it's worth trying because you can always have it removed with the strings if you don't get on with it. Whether it works or not is trial and error though. My pain hasn't decreased at all yet and I may be heading for the GnRH drugs route urrgh. If you have it fitted I hope it works for you. Evidently it can take a few months to settle down and work properly and something worth persevering with I am told.



I was unsure about the coil but to be honest it works to a point can be still in pain and still bleed but not as bad as before. I felt a little uncomfortable when it was first put in but it has taken a little while to adjust, I would say try it and see if it works for you it has made a difference with the period side of things and that helps a lot as you will understand. Hope I have helped a little.

Clare x


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