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Hi all, I am 31 and was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 20 when I had a laparoscopy and they removed some endometriosis cells. Since then I have had 2 children and apart from a few minor problems all has been Ok....until nearly a year ago. And recently I have so much pain I don't know what to do with myself at times! I was put on Microgynon 30 about 10 months ago which initially helped but every time I have to have a break the pain returns. This break has been awful, I have had burning pain in my lower abdomen, twisting pains by my kidneys, painful to have bowl movements, lower back pain, pain when having sex and literally have no energy ever. I have a Dr's appointment Thursday and will ask to be referred back to my gynecologist. In the mean time how long do you think I will have to wait for an appointment and what can I do to minimise the pain for now? Sorry for the essay on my opening post :-)

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Hiya. I find a hotwater bottle best for stomach / pelvic pain and theres apparently a number of websites that sell heat pack tbat can be heated in the microwave. I find cooling gels best for ovary / kidney / back pain. I personally dont get much relief from pain killers but if you use an antiiflammatory such as ibuprofen try and take it 'before' the inflammation is expected rather than once its already in full swing. Lactulose is a stool softener and so might be helpful for painful bowel motions as well as drinking lots and lots of water. If your planning to see your gp thursday I would also do some research before your appointment. If you look up the BSGE website they have a list of all the accredited and also aspiring endo centres. The fact that you've already had a lap & a diagnosis of endo before would suggest to me that you should ne referred not to a normal gynae but to an endo specialist. Best of luck xxx


Hi, I just come across your post.

I am on Microgynon too and experiencing awful pain, no energy etc.

What was the outcome of your Dr's appointment?


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