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Low immunity and constant illness ?? Xx

Hi ladies

I have just finished 8 month zoladex treatment ( I stopped cos they stopped working ) and am due to see the surgeon next Friday, but I just seem to constantly be ill at the moment, I get every bug going my immunity seems to be non existent, which on top of horrendous endo pain is really getting me down :( I have been doing the endo diet for 3 weeks but not seen much benefit yet, I also take well woman capsules and milk thistle , does anyone else have any similar symptoms or advice

thanks rache

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Have you tried a probiotic or an immune system supplement? They helped me a little after the zoladex I had, I got every bug going this winter and ended up in hospital for 4 separate weeks with bad asthma and chest infections I found them in a well known health food shop h&b and have been out for 9 weeks solid now :-)

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I was on zoladex for 2 years and it was only as my periods stopped i began to recover from constant anaemia/illness/bugs. I now have mirena coil and take micronor add on and although my immunity is still low i am much better without periods. Stopping the periods us the only answer in my opinion as i was so poorly before i did.


Hi rachrich,

You can try bee propolis or queens delight (royal jelly, bee pollen, bee propolis). It has good reviews for viruses bugs and allergies.....it may work?! Also endometriosis.


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