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Journalist Request - That's Life magazine

Hi everyone,

We have had a request from the Health Editor for That's Life magazine. The magazine is interested in hearing from women who have been unable to conceive due to endometriosis, and the impact that this has had on her, especially if she has seen her friends and family members around her have children.

If you would be interested in featuring in a national magazine, please fill out our media form:


Giving an explanation of your situation that can be passed on to the magazine.

If you are selected, the magazine will contact you to interview for the feature.

This is a great chance to raise awareness of endometriosis - we've had a lot of press interest during Awareness month.

All the best,

Endo UK

2 Replies

I would love to take part. I put my story on the endo site s few months ago. I'm 36 today, divorced and childless. Being unable to conceive and the stress of endo contributed to the breakdown of my marriage. I tried IVF but miscarried after a few months. I'm still soldiering on. I will never give up.


I would happily take part. I filled out the media form only a couple of days ago. Do I have to refill it again? I am 31, currently seeing a gynae re fertility, had a contradiction of results which I had to get clarified, due to see gynae early April to see what next step is, which is most likely going to be IVF. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years.


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