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Why is my pain always worse in the evening?

Iv started to notice that it's always the afternoon/evening when things get worse? Iv been pretty ok today apart from hip pain and now the drs is closed I'm in agony in my back and left side of my tummy :-/

Yesterday was the same, I'm ok all day then last night I had to take sleeping pills, diazepam and pain killers just to get to sleep :-/

Any ideas?

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I wonder if the pain is worse because we have been standing up and walking around? My back definitely hurts more in the evening! (Absolute agony ATM)

I wonder if gravity has anything to do with it ?


My theory is we are busy during the day, thus fighting the pain then once we are resting that's when we feel it worse!!! I can't seem to go past 5pm anymore without at least a hot water bottle on me xx


Iv been on the sofa all day having a pj day/week. Been signed off work so I'm stuck at home. I wake up about 12, nap around 2-4 then by 5 I'm in pain and back in bed by 1030. Living the dream me. 24 and practically house bound :'( x x


Hello,ive posted a similar question thing if you wish to take a look. Left side pain,not cramps but burning,pulling and just pain. X


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