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Diagnosed with a vaginal cuff haematoma 6days post op for hysterectomy - any advice

hi I am 9 days post hysterectomy they removed cervix womb left ovary and tube and saved the right ovary. I ended up back in hospital 6 days post op in severe pain and had to endure an internal which was very painful and then a scan it showed a 7.5cm by 7.5cm haematoma on the vaginal cuff . I am wondering if anyone else has suffered with one of these and what the next step is etc. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated as all the info I have found on internet is American so there treatment seems a bit different to ours in the uk.

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Seems to be quite bit of 1st hand advice on the hystersisters website. Always worth joining as they have a vast database of patient experiences on there... including endo stories too.



Cheers I have been on there and there's are mainly American so treatment differs slightly I became a member on there same day I joined here.thanks tho


Hi - I know it isn't the same as your case but i had a haematoma on my incision following caesarean section. It made me feverish pretty suddenly and they put me onto an antibiotic drip and I had some sort of pulse treatment of the incision for a few days (I really don't know what it was - probably something to help break it up) and was told all would be well once the fever abated and the haematoma would just reabsorb and disappear over a few weeks. Which it did.


Cheers I just don't like the fact that I have been told to basically do nothing because it can bleed out at any time and then I need to get to hospital fast if it is dangerous like that why not drain it in the first place.


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