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"Fuzzy" feeling in left buttock... what is it?

Hi folks,

Many of you are probably familiar with at least some of my issues. I've just had a fourth lap to try to help me deal with my Endo (last Monday - still recovering).

It's just that there are starting to be so many issues that confuse me. I feel a little as if I have never really had a clue what's been going on. I'd posted about the biopsy (which came as a surprise to me). I'm also at a loss as to what stage my Endo is, and where it has all been located. When I ask, I never feel I get to the bottom of things. My new Consultant is much easier to get on with, and does try to explain things fully. However, I still feel that I am dealing with the legacy of my first Gynaecologist, who made so many blunders that I never felt I knew what was going on. I KNOW for a fact he misdiagnosed me, then failed to treat me, then missed acting on 2 reports from other Specialists that suggested I had Endo. By the time I was diagnosed (following a second opinion) I reckon I'd had Endo for some time.

This does worry me - because following my first lap, I was pretty much dismissively told they had removed ALL my Endo, and then they discharged me from the Gynae service! I wasn't told what stage, where it was, or given any follow-up. Hence, I have now ended up under a new Consultant in a different hospital - because ALL my Endo HADN'T been removed! I've since had 3 further laps!

One of the major issues I'm experiencing is groin pain (left side, top of inner thigh). This is combined with a fuzzy, pins-and-needles sensation in my left buttock. The latter is driving me nuts! I am unable to sit still comfortably, and must fidget all the time. Any pressure on the left bum cheek is awful - it feels like something is FIZZING inside me! This sensation is constant, and seriously annoying.

Because I'm not clear as to what went on with my Endo, I worry that something actually went wrong in my first surgery that I've not been told about. Following my first lap I was actually in MORE pain than before it - I ended up at A&E in agony on at least 3 occasions! I do wonder whether this all has some connection with the weird sensation I am experiencing. Could it be permanent nerve damage?

I've no idea how to tackle this, or get to the bottom of it. I am wary of pestering my new Consultant as I want to keep a good relationship with him. I feel sometimes as if I have been "Blacklisted" for being unhappy with my original care. I also do not feel that my new Consultant is in a position to provide answers. I did complain to my old hospital, but they just dismissed the issue, saying they could not respond on behalf of my old Gynae, who no longer works there.

I'm SO frustrated. How do I get answers?


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