Experiences after (long) term prostap?


Just wondering what people's experiences are after their cycles returned after finishing prostap, particularly when on it for a year or more???

I had 11 doses of prostap and my periods seemed to return 5 months after my last prostap injection ran out. I didn't expect them to return to clockwork immediately but so far I've had one period that was very heavy but 1 day only and then lots of period symptoms for over a week but still no period in over 6 weeks. So just wondering really how long it took others to settle down or go back to some pattern? x

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  • Hi Hayls

    I am also a longterm prostap user (and even a fan if such thing is possible!) However I had my prostap injections in the lead up to a hysterectomy and so my periods never returned as I had surgery less than a month after my final injection.

    I believe it can take some months for your body to regulate itself after hormone treatments such as prostap so it may just take a bit longer in your case.

    If you are worried about the lack of regular periods though I would consult your GP or gynae if you are still recieving care as a hospital outpatient.

    Take care

    Caroline, xx

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