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Additional pains

I have had endo for nearly 8 years now. Symptoms first started when I was 17. At 20 I finally got diagnosed with endo, stating difficulty in fertility which was when i had my first op. I had been on and off the pill since 17 - I've currently tried 3 different types of pill, as this is meant to keep everything in check (no success) Every day the pain continued, getting worse for periods, a few times doctors have told me to not stop taking my pill - meaning no period. But after 3 months of taking the pill solid, it began to effect my body. At 23 I had another op, more endo was found as well as choco cysts, no success again. So at nearly 25 I am being referred back to another gynae at another hospital. In the early days it was just a constant pain the stomach, later the back to. In the past year - the loss of feeling in my legs and recently arms (which feels like pins and needles as well as a numb feeling in both) the past few months a pain in my chest as occurred making the loss of my arms worse. Every few months I struggle to walk even without periods, and in despartate times have to crawl as a way of movement. Has anyone else suffered this? If so what was the outcome? Any suggestions welcome.


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