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So confused

I've had 3 laps now. I had a lap a week ago, docs said did nothing as I had heart problem. However on my notes it says they did something. I am on hormone tablets which make me put on weight and look pregnant. They have found endo all over, but they said nothing was there! I'm hearing different stories. I don't know what to do next! So confused by it all and at my wits end now! Plus hope my hearts ok...

Ps I'm only 23!!

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Hi every time I have a lap (4 now) I get told mine has all gone, and knowing how I feel that it all HASN'T gone doesn't fill me with any confidence in them at all. The first time I found out mine hasn't all gone, apart from still being in pain of course was when I went to my gp,s about something else and he brought up the letter from gyne to doctor and let me read it. There it stated we they had left a large nodule of endo on my rectum. Second time I was told this, I still had a huge nodule on my rectum. Third time I heard this I am still having pain/symptoms, but not quite as bad as before my 4 th op but I know soon they are going to get worse and worse. Back to square one. Unfortunately we cannot beleive a word they tell us. I presume straight away now I come out of an op the same way I went in. With endo.... What's the point of taking most of it out?. Leaves you no better off long term. They have a lot to answer for and who are the ones who suffer, us poor women. When you have endo you are toally fu..ed for the rest of your life.....as there is no help anywhere unless you pay X


:-( it's very concerning its nightmare finding out what actually is wrong without seeing your records or requesting them under Data protection. If your gp has a letter could you ask for a copy and make an appointment to see the main consultant not registrars and ask them to show you your records and photo's of your operation and what treatment options you have. All the best in finding out answers and getting treatment xxx


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