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Back to back patch is not working at all. Worried it is making me worse!

Hi ladies, hope you are having a good week. I am on the contraceptive patch, and my doc has asked me to put 3 months of the patch together without a break at all while I wait for my appointment with the specialist. (It is the same as the pill, take it for 3 weeks then have a week off) I am now on the 3rd month, but I have been bleeding continually for about a month now and it is getting heavier. My pain is almost unbearable at the moment. The pain is changing, and I am worried it is actually being made worse by putting the patches together even though it's supposed to help! I am waking up every morning in agony. I am worried that it is the bleeding which is causing the pain. And I am fed up of having a constant period! Luckily I have a doctors appt tomorrow, so hopefully he will let me come off the patch. Has anyone else had this problem where the pain just gets worse when they try back to back pills/patch?

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I went on back to back pill a few years ago and it did nothing, I am now doing the same with the patches and like you got bleeding for about a month for my first month so gave myself two months off and let my system get back to normal and now I'm doing fine, only been on it for two weeks but nothing bad yet *fingers crossed*. I am however having pain in my pelvis which I had when I was using it a few months ago and when I was using the pill. I know they're supposed to help but in all honesty I think that hormonal treatment is the worst thing for endo as endo grows more with certain hormones like oestrogen. Let me know what the docs say tomorrow. Good luck.

Leya x


The doctor said by the sounds of it it's not working, so he said to finish this month and then start using the patch normally again. He said the contraceptive injection might help me, but I am seeing a specialist next month so I need to just wait until then. My GP actually used to be a gynecologist so luckily he knows what he is talking about :) Good luck with your patches! Hope you have some luck x


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