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Metro article on new drug being tested to treat endometriosis

Metro article on new drug being tested to treat endometriosis

My husband sent me this blurred image of an article on new developments in identifying endo and the trialling of a drug. The research is taking place in MIT Boston. Think I'll fly over and be a guinea pig!

If you can't read it I'll transcribe if you wish. I can't find it anywhere on the internet yet.

Thanks to Metro for reporting this.

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This is a more in depth article in the research.



Thanks missemmabenson,

Just looking for further references too.

The report is here for anyone who wants to wade through it. Need to subscribe though. stm.sciencemag.org/content/...


it's an interesting article. thanks for posting the link.


What is the drug they are talking about, I couldn't seem to see the name of it in the articles. Does anyone know? isn't is great someone is actually taking this chronic disease seriously and it had to be a woman who suffers. I haven't even heard of any one single medical professional taking time out to research this disease. X


Hi wp22,

It seems that the development is at very early stages and they are looking for funding so it's unlikely we'll see an actual drug name for some time. For a drug company it would need to be something that can be patented so they can make buckets of money from us. Beware...my cynical mode is heavily engaged today!

There is another chap I have come across and he is doing a PhD researching some aspect of endo. I think it's an enzyme but I can't recall the specifics. Unfortunately he is not at liberty to disclose any results for 4 years. However, it is great to see a man interested in this field of research. I think that balances out my cynical bit!

Here's his blog. endo-update.blogspot.co.uk It's full of fascinating articles on endo particularly from a research point of view.



Thank you brownlow, I have had a read. Your right these things take too long to reach us and always involves money. X


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