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How likely is it that i still have active endometriosis 2 years post hysterectomy?

I was left with only 1 ovary (right) which stopped working therefore sending me into menopause. I'm 45 now. i am on HRT but since approx 6 moonths post op i have spotted vaginally almost every day and i am now getting pain as bad as before in my left iliac fossa???

Waiting to see Gynae again and really fed up as i hoped the hysterectomy would cure it. ;-(


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A key factor in determining whether endometriosis may return following a hysterectomy is whether the ovaries were removed or not. The ovaries produce estrogen, which promotes the growth of endometriosis. If the ovaries were not removed during a hysterectomy, they can cause the endometriosis to remain active. This is more likely if any traces of endometriosis were left behind.

We do have a detailed leaflet on hysterectomies for free download that you may find useful to look through before seeing your gynae.


Scroll down until you reach 'Having a hysterectomy' and click on the publication link.

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