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Fed up!

Pain started getting worse stabbing pain in pelvic area, back, hip, groin and top of leg. Phoned 111 on Friday went to gp who referred for emergency scan. No cyst was found, so I was sent home from hospital still in agony saying I needed to be re referred in order to make further investigation.

I have been on naproxen, codeine and tramadol nothing touching the pain. How can they expect me to sit around for up to 8 weeks in agony?

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Typical NHS! Get yourself to your GP surgery in the morning when they open and demand to be seen. I had some diclofenac suppositories prescribed when i was in a similar way a couple of weeks ago and they work quickly.

Tell the GP it is essential that they see you so that you can discuss pain management options. Have you got a wheat-bag to use?

I feel for you, its so frustrating that we have this ordeal, we are all here for you for moral support. Good luck Xx


Luckily I have an appointment on 19th feb and at last with an endo specialist xx


Hi Jembee thats good to hear, i hope you start feeling less painful soon x


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