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When is enough .. Enough?!

Hi there ladies .. Looking for some advice.. When do you say enough I can't do it and ask for admission?? I have been in and out for 4 years.. Every treatment under the sun.. Including a pain psychologist ... Really bad niggles started 6 weeks but now is unbearable... I need help.. Can't see my consultant for over a week.. In agony! Can't eat can't sleep.. Can hardly shuffle .. Worn out.. But at a total loss as to what to do?! Help greatly wanted xxx

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So sorry you are suffereing so much and I can empathise with you,as have also been in and out of hospital many times with endo pain.I think when to go to casualty is a personal choice - some have higher pain threshholds than others.When I find my endo pain makes me unable to take a deep breathe,move,I am feeling sick,sweating and have a raised temp( this happens when endo worst and is usually treated as a UTI) and when the strongest painkillers I am prescribed don't work,that is my enough.I am allergic to morphine and Gp will not give me any alternative stronger meds,so Im afaid that has meant many trips to A and E for pethidene injections.Basically if you feel you just cant cope with the pain any longer and would rather be knocked out,thats time! Last time I had a pethidene injection at hospital,they admitted me and it helped for 3 hours,but then wouldn't give me any more! meant that I had to havescan in absoulute agony.

Could you phone out of hours Dr,even to get stronger pain relief or call your GP in morning?Does a hot bath,water bottle or cool pack have any effect.I find heat helps -doesn't take pain away but is soothing.I have a collection of hot water bottles,hot/cold packs,wheat bags,and cold gel which sometimes help my back pain -sure we all have lol!

I and many others will know whereyou are at,so hang in there.You are not alone and there are lots who can give advice or you can just feel free to vent your feelings here.Sending you a big hug.


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