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Post laparoscopy questions?

I had a laparoscopy procedure last week. I'm still working through the pain post that procedure. Post that procedure I was informed that they could not remove all the Endo as there was quite a lot of Endo around my bowel and I will need another procedure at a later date. It was also confirmed that my Endo is level 4. I'm due to see my consultant in two weeks time. Is there any advice you could give me in relations to questions I may or should ask?

Thanks in advance

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Sorry you are suffering so much, I think it would be wise to ask about all the options ie what surgery, medication, treatments that may be available to you and the time scales and side effects if any, what he/she recommends, and the likely outcomes. That way you can take control and you can make the decisions based on what is best for you. It may help to take someone with you as an extra pair of ears as it is very overwhelming. Also feel free to take a pen and paper to make notes so you don't forget anything and don't feel pressured into any decisions. It is your body and if you are not comfortable or entirely sure on anything, ask, or ask for time to think about things. I wish you luck x

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Thank you


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