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Newbie in need of thoughts, opinions and advice please :)

Hi everyone,

I'd be grateful if you would be able to give me any thoughts, opinions etc as I'm concerned I may have endometriosis and I'm utterly terrified of anything medical so I'm just trying to get some info before I visit the doc's.

Basically, I had a period last week and was in bad pain in the first couple of days on Monday and Tuesday. Progressively over the week, the pain got worse. I had, at the start of the week, been describing it as "period pain" but come Friday and Saturday it felt like no pain I had ever experienced, it was horrendous! I was in agony and was crying out in pain on Saturday evening. I had to be helped to and from the toilet by my boyfriend (and they say romance is dead).

I've had period pain quite regularly (but this has never troubled me as it's controlled by contraceptive pills) I've never suffered from irregular periods and have only really had one notably bad period before where I had chills and fever. This time though, something felt very wrong. My stomach was cramping like I never thought it possible. Oddly the worst pain I experienced was on Saturday, after my period had finished on the Friday. Throughout Sunday I didn't really have any pain but my stomach felt strange and the muscles in my lower abdomen were very 'twitchy'. Today I've been ok, a little uncomfortable but things feel a lot calmer.

I also had trouble with toilet movements in the last couple of days, I felt horrendously constipated and can't seem to get things moving properly. My abdomen area still feels a bit strange and I have a slight 'period pain' type feel but nothing as bad as I experienced on Friday and Saturday.

I'd be grateful if anyone could give me any advice as to whether this sounds endo-like?

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it does sound like endometriosis, my symptoms were like period cramps all the time.have you been to your doctor.?


Hmm, its a tricky one because the symptoms are a bit like i get, but the timing isn't common. There are other things like fibroids, cysts, PID and adenomyosis (all benign gynie conditions) that may be considered too: they are all things that were mentioned to me before i was diagnosed.

write everything down and go and see your GP, they will possibly do a blood test and send you for an ultrasound. Its important to make sure you tell them everything, specifically when it occurred, and sometimes we have to push for help.

good luck x


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