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Good news :)

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Just wanted to say that I have some promising news after my painful trip to A&E last week. I went back to my doctor yesterday. He finally referred me to a gynecologist. I will have a laporoscopy as well. He also prescribed me Tramadol to use instead of codeine, which is great because the codeine was really hurting my stomach and kept making me sick, and I found tramadol quite effective when I took it in hospital. I know it will be a long wait until I see the specialist but at least I am now on the waiting list. Wishing you all a pain-free weekend X

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Great news xx


Ah I'm delighted your getting some where best of luck x


Hey, that's great new. Just one thing to look out for with tramadol (I was on them for four days after lap) is that they can cause constipation, which I'd never experienced, despite using codeine for years. Was definitely the last thing one needs after an op. Everyone reacts differently, but might be worth considering things like prunes, dry fruit etc while taking for longer than a few days. Wishing you all the best with your lap and getting answers at last xx


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