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hi i've just been and seen my doctor and asked if i could have the ca 125 blood test

in my family we have a history of endo and ovarian cancer my doctor has sent me to a gene councilor even though my younger sister has just had this blood test and it's come back high she has endo cysts and normal cysts on her ovaries my mum also has endo and several generations on my mothers side have died of ovarian and womb cancers including my grandma should i go back to my gp and insist on this test as i know you can live with endo and not have any symptoms as well as several of the other illnesses which can be detected by this blood test.

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I would demand a test say you are concerned as it runs in the family. I had endo no one else in my family does but my great gran had ovarian cancer. Before I had my op I said about that and the bowel cancer also in the family. They never tested me for cancer tho and I really had to fight for my op for the endo. If your worried make sure you push for it. I've learnt that because doctors can't see it (like a broken arm) they find it hard to diagnose there are also a lot of doctors who belive it doesn't exists I've done so much fighting for it unfortunately it's the only way to get what you want. Hope you get the answers you need cx


thanks i'm definitely going to go back and ask as the cancer goes back at least four generations and i've recently found out you can get endo related ovarian cancer as well and with both my mum and sister having endo it could be something thats linked. i've learnt from my mum's experience that you've got to fight for getting endo diagnosed as her doctor told her she was too young to have it and he only referred her to the gyne once my dad went in with her which isn't best thing to say to someone who knows they have it. thanks again for the advice i wasn't sure if i was just over reacting to being sent to a gene councillor instead and i hope you don't have to fight for much longer to get any treatment you need for the endo


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