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Has anyone had a caesarean section when had endo?

Hello All,

I have been offered an elective caesarean section, but I have severe endo in the past (which was removed at during radical excision surgery). But I had 80% of my uterus covered in endo, and as the uterus does not have a skin layer to remove the endo can grow back and my surgeon suspects I also have adenomyosis. I have been so much better since the surgery and I am scared of having a c-section which may encourage the endo to grow back.

I would love to hear from anyones experience of having a c-section and whether the endo grew back on the uterus or in the incision scar itself, or indeed if there was no difference after the op.

Thank you so much ladies.



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I had a laparotomy surgery for endo - same as the C--section , cut across the bikini line.

I did not get endo in my scar, but I know of ladies who have done and ladies who have had endo trapped even in laparoscopy key holes too. It is a risk, but so too is having a baby by normal delivery and at this point in time - baby's health is your No.1 priority - not your own.

even if that means you end up with a subsequent surgery on any endo trapped in the scar, but have safely been delivered of a baby - that must be the best option for the baby if they are offering it to you. Mother Nature might intervine and decide the baby is arriving the natural way before the pre-booed surgery date anyway, but it is seriously worth considering the surgical option - but remember this does have a long recovery afterwards where picking up your baby can be mighty painful and you will need a lot of support at home for a few weeks.


Thank you so much for your reply. It helped me to make my decision, and for that I am really grateful. You are right, my baby has to come first. I have had repeated failed IVFs and this was our last shot, so I have to put our baby first. Thank you so much for replying, I think I just needed to hear someone else's view with endo as I was going round in circles with my husband.

Thank you



My sister had a c-section (all the women in my family have endo) she did very well after, nothing abnormal and is currently expecting her second child.


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