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Do anyone in Australia know of a good endo specialist?

Hi, I'm in Australia living on the mid-north coast (Forster area) which is 4 hrs north of Sydney. I live in a country town on the beaches and my options are only 2 gynecologists in the area... both who are just general gynos not specialising in endo. I'm very unimpressed with the lack of knowledge and options I've been given here. Any suggestions? x

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Australia (much like the UK) has few endo centres of excellence - but they do exist.

You should check out google and search for endometriosis Australia.

there are several charities in Oz who can provide you with information about endo and if you contact them they will probably be able to provide you with a list of endo specialists closer to home - but you will have to travel to see them.

One website I spotted while browsing was ecca.com.au/ which lists Gold Coast and Syd as having centres.

Obviously I can't vouch for any of them , and we are not permitted to name names on this forum, but doing your own research and asking on the australian forums for endo may yield a decent result.

This forum is for endometriosisUK - a british charity - so the list of accredited surgeons we can point you towards are all UK based.

If you have private Aussie medical insurance speak to your insurance provider as they may have a list of approved endo surgeons they can give to you.

Having said that - joining an australian endo forum - there quite a few - is probably the best way to get a recommendation nearer to you. Good Luck.


Thanks Impatient x


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