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Hi all new here

Hey all I have a laproscopy on the 14 th jan becuase my gp thinks I have endo im 21 and have suffered with painful periods and paon during sex also inserting tampon is horribley painful lol iv been to the gp so many timea in agony. and just got passed of and given the hormone pill I had the coil fitted which was horrile was in pain all the time I had it removed soob after I had a scan done and never heard the results but since I changed gp its qll been sorted quickly so im woundering if I have endo and it gets removed will it improve my chances of becoming pregnant and how long would you say recover time is thanks in advance And is it a painful recover and if anyone has astma what was its like after lap x

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Hi billiebear19, don't worry about your lap I did had mine 27th December 2013 literally just over a week ago and went back to work yesterday:) you are sore and bloated can't move to good for a few days but you manage I'd say you will be back on you feet in about 20days maybe quicker as I'm 27 and your alot younger than me:) and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought, and it could help you get pregant if that's your only problem:) I'm trying to conceive with my secound one you will be fine:) any time you want to talk:)


Hi it's different for everyone but you will be fine, I went back to work after 3 weeks but I was still in a lot if pain, but I had diagnostic lap, treated and a coil fitted all in same lap so quite a lot done. Good luck you will fine


Hi thanks for your reply when I spoke to the consultant he said he would treat any problems inhave during the lap and wants to fit a mirena but after having the coil last time I was bleeding and having poeriod cramps everyday for the duration it was in it was horrible ive suffered so much over the years just want it over and have been trying fir a baby with no sucsess so hopefully I can get some awnsers if anyone woukd like to chat im here x


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