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Best Christmas present/start to new year!

After what has been the toughest year of my life, I'm having the best start of this one.

2013 saw me incapacitated for the majority of it. I got a diagnosis of adenomyosis (on top of the endo) and told I need to have a hysterectomy (I'm 29, long term single, and childless). I also really struggled with my op recovery and the post op meds (usually I'm grand after a week).

BUT Friday before Christmas I started new meds and have been great ever since! AND the doctor has given me the all clear to go back to work! I've also told my close friends and family about looking into donor sperm and being a single mum before I have a hysterectomy and they have been so, so supportive I've ended up crying with happiness a few times over the holidays!

All I can say is thank you to everyone here for their kinds words, wishes and support.

To all those still suffering, please try to remember you are wonderful and there is hope.

Happy new year all!


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Hello :)

It's so nice to see some positivity on here - keeps us all going!

I'm so glad things are working out off you maybe not the way you had planned but you are working around the obstacles and making them work for you :)

This has really helped me as I have endo I was diagnosed last year at 19 and it's quite wide spread never been so unwell one thing after another ;( I'm now on Zoladex and hoping for the best!!

If you need a chat please just email :)

Happy new year and hope 2014 will be all you want it to be :) xxx



oh wow that is fantastic :-) so happy for you. That's a great idea with the donor sperm, cause this way you can still have a baby. May I ask if this is possible over the NHS or do you have to pay for it? I am also 29 next month and got diagnosed with blocked tubes. So my partner and I will need IVF. We are on the list and possibly start with the first attempt in October/November this year. All the best xx


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