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Stitch fallen out of one of wound sites six days post surgery

Merry Christmas to you all, hope you've had as painless one as possible. Mine has been somewhat painful. The stitch fell out of left wound site on Tuesday, six days after surgery. It has been slightly weeping and bleeding since and very sore. Not sure if this requires me going to doc or hospital to get new one.... I've been airing it and using savalon at night with bandage plaster. It is slightly parted, but does not look infected, but concerned stitches underneath will come out. Would really appreciate some advice...

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Slightly weepy from where the stitch fell out - or the deeper wound? Might be 1st stages of an infection. Shouldn't need a new stitch unless it opens up... but I would consider putting a steri-strip over it to keep it secured - or micro-pore tape. as well as using antiseptic cleaning very regularly. If it doesn't stop weeping and scab over then go to GP for advice and maybe anti-biotics to help fight off any buglets.


Sorry to hear that you've had a bad time. Would recommend that you keep it clean but try not to touch it too much. You could seek advice from the hospital ward. They will tell you if u need to get it re-stitched or not. Had some probs with my last lap stitches and the ward I stayed in were v helpful. Good luck and hope u have a speedy recovery.


Hi, I had a laparotomy a few weeks ago and had staples, I had then removed 7 days later and my skin had healed enough to be fine with no dressing. I was told letting it air would help it heal and if there were any problems they would have used steri strips. So it should heal ok but if it is causing a problem and bleeding or weeping a lot I would call the ward and ask if you can pop in for them to check it. After my laparoscopy I had stitches removed after 10 days as they were so tight it was hurting. My tummy around my scar is still sore but that's pains from op rather than the actual scar. I'm still on strong painkillers and I've managed to reduce the amount a little but keeping in a routine of taking them at regular intervals definitely helps. Its been a painful few weeks so I'm sorry to hear you ve been suffering over Xmas too.

So if your scar is very hot or weeping a lot I would definitely call the ward and tell them as 2 weeks after op you would still be under their care and most doctors are probably closed too!

Hope you feeling better soon xx merry Xmas



This happened to me post surgery, but in the belly button site. I went to see the GP who used 'butterfly' stitches to help seal the wound.

Despite keeping it covered and clean with savlon, I still had a mild infection in the site, and if it is weeping you need to get this checked out. I was prescribed antibiotics to clear the infection.

Hope you feel better soon!

Fleurbie x


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