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Blocked or not?

I am new to the forum so have been going a bit mad with my posts as I have been messed around by a certain consultant and given different information etc etc, I had a hsg test and was told I had blocked fallopian tubes, then four months later was told they read result wrong and they weren't actually blocked at all anybody else had this happen to them? Now I feel like are they blocked aren't they does anyone know what they are on about.

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Sounds like you have been given someone else's results by mistake - I'd ask your GP to see the letters in your medical file regarding this- it's very strange indeed. and ask him or her to go through the medical terms mentioned that you don't understand or are not familiar with. It's hugely important to know which is the correct answer and why if you now have the correct answer- were you given a wrong result 1st time round?

If they are blocked then you can only get pregnant via IVF which you need to know about asap to start saving for. But if they are clear then you know that having unsafe sex can result in a pregnancy - which might not be what you do want if you are on a particular drug- so again this information needs to be acurate and you need to know the correct result.

It is quite possible to have raging endo everywhere and clear tubes - that is what I've got. Although one tube and ovary has since been removed, but my endo was everywhere else but not the tubes.

I agree you have been messed around by the sounds of it.

It might not be the surgeons own fault- but the fault of who-ever was employed as his secretary to write up the surgical notes or letters to patients - that got two cases mixed up.

But that is no excuse and if that has happened then that should have been clearly explained to you when the mistake came to light. There should be notes about that in your medical file with the GP too if you want to avoid the consultant.

Best of Luck Sherlock, in resolving this one.


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