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What are my options?

Been sent home from work today as I was in that much pain I couldn't move. I'm lucky it's a drop in clinic tonight at the docs so I'm off there to get this sorted - I can't have this every month - so my question is what are my options???

This is my first period since my surgery in April - would it have been extremely painful and heavy because of that??? I feel that after 11 months of being pain and period free I have stepped back to this time last year, where I am missing work due to stupid endo pain.

I'm a teacher and so on my feet all day and interacting with the students - so I don't want to be missing work and I also don't want to be doubled over in pain, not being able to move. I also don't want to be fobbed off by the docs!

The infuriating thing is I was at the hospital last week, explaining how great I felt and the improvement was amazing!!!

Any help on potential options gratefully received.


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