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Advice needed...... my doctor wants to see me as i have written a letter asking to be refered to an endo specialist elsewhere in the country

i have seen every specialist going locally for the last 12 years i have always said i thought it was endo or something along them lines like ando. the proof that hormones becma e a massive factor happened this year when i came off the bill had a copper coil fitted and the pain was rediculous i have now gone back on the pill and have seen an improvment in my symptoms but my pains are worse more than ever. I have requested going to an endo specialist rather than gyne as none of them have helped or listened to me eventually my doctor convinced me it was in my head! which i started to belive untill recently. the doctor i have written to asking to get a referal to this specific endo doc has called to say she wants a meeting with me however cannot see me untill 27th i feel totaly ignored as i know i will not get to see specialist untill the new year but why should i wait another 3 weeks to be told we will not refery you to him! what can i do i think they want to try and put me off or try and keep me local any advise or support would be great. x

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If you are paying privately they can't refuse to refer you also if it is private it is very important to be referred by your doctor as if you self refer the NHS do not have to except the findings. I don't know about NHS referals I'm afraid. Good luck. X


NHS specialists do have a huge queue to see them- far too many endo gals and not nearly enough endo surgeons.

It is easier to get a referal when you have actually had a diagnosis by having a laparoscopy to prove that there is endo there, so it may be that you will initially have to go though seeing a regular gynae - and possibly a lap op- then get referred to the endo specialists if the regular surgeon cannot sort you out.

I know 12 years is a long time to be going through this- the average is 9 years till diagnosis- my own case took 29 years to get my operation- by which time there was pile of work needing doing.

Using the NHS- I have come to understand that waiting and waiting for appointments and referrals is the way they operate and short of going private the only thing I can suggest to speed things up is to call them and say you are willing to take any last minute cancellation appointments- just to see if you can be seen to any quicker- even then and once referred to a gynae surgeon- the regular waiting lists for ops is getting longer not shorter in most areas so you should expect a few weeks if not months before an op can be scheduled and longer still if you are waiting to see a specialist endo surgeon.

Every minute wait -while you are in pain- feels like a lifetime. I know, i have been through it myself. All I can suggest is you do your homework before the appointment, know the procedures offered by endo specialist surgeons versus regular fertility gynae surgeons, and explain how that is something you really feel you will need after such a long wait.

You may have to be very pushy and pursuasive, and also be prepared to compromise and see a regular surgeon 1st, and accept that appointment but again see them and ask them what experience they have of endo surgery and see if they are up to the job and if not- ask that they refer you on to the endo centre. Their referal will carry more clout than a GP referal would.

Best of Luck - you will need a lot of it I'm afraid....and patience too.


Change gps then get a referral out of area. Search on net for endo centres or a gynea with a good reputation. Please do not be fobbed off again, how disgusting treating you like that. Too many of us get the fob off, please don't stand for it anymore x


Great news my go has spoken to another go and agreed to send me to an endo specialist I was all ready for another fight thanks for all your advice hopefully 2014 is the year of answers for me x


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