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Finishing my course of zoladex. When will side effects wear off?

Hi ladies, I'm on day 28 after my last Zolodex injection. So in theory the drug should be finishing in my body.

Can anyone give me advise on when the side effects will disappear and when I should stop taking my adback hrt? And will I feel weird when my body re-wires itself after the zolly invasion? I've suffered anxiety and moods on this (and pain) and hope that the hormonal influx won't play with my anxiety and dizziness more x

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the residue can remain up to 3 more months- but only in trace amounts- enough to be an issue for a pregnancy- but not enough to give side effects tht your would notice much.

I began to notice the gaps between hot flushes getting bigger and bigger which was a wonderful sign. Having been 5-6 hot flushes per hour every hour all day and night before that, it was a relief to get the gaps lengthening- that was really noticeable in about the 2nd week onwards. The muscle and bone pains and moods eased off round that time too. The heart palpitations /anxiety attacks etc went very quickly after day 28 when I had not had a top up implant.

Unfortunately the loss of short term memeory never has resolved itself - 2 years later it is improved a little- but is still a big issue for me. Very frustrating indeed.

Some things you will notice easing off pretty quickly- other will take longer and my not sort themselvs out till you are properly back to ovulating again - which can take on average 5 months, but then some side effects don't ever disappear (like the memory loss one in me)

Over all - I'd say in 3 weeks you will feel so much better and should be able to come off HRT somewhere around then. But see how you feel. If you skip HRT and feel grim- go back to topping each day and try again a week or so later.


Thanks for the info Impatient. I would like to start St Johns Wort again and was trying to work out when I could start taking it again, considering I wasn't allowed to take it when on this stuff. And if the zolly lingers in the body for a few months whether I should hold off? I've asked doctors and pharmacists and keep getting grey answers. I guess St Johns Wort decreases the effectiveness of the hrt (as far as I understand).

I'm also going to see a naturopath to treat this endo with herbal medicine. But some of the herbs work with hormone levels etc but I'm not sure when I can start looking at this approach if I still have no hormones to treat??

Man I'm feeling really spaced out and dizzy today :-/

Thanks for your help xx


I was on Zoladex for 12 months in total and it was a positive experience for me. Last implant was July but system still not back to normal.


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