How do I know if it's my Endometriosis or an ectopic pregnancy?

Hi all. I am currently 9 weeks 3 days pregnant. I have my first scan booked for Fri 20 Dec 13. However, today I am having a pain in my left side. Could this be ectopic? Would I feel lots of pain with ectopic or not? I know I have endo in my pouch of douglas so I'm not sure if it's this I am feeling or not? Any advice would be welcome.

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  • Please go and check this pain out with a doctor or your local A & E.

  • I agree, you need an emergency check. Go to a and e as lots of hospitals have emergency gynae assessment units and so you shouldn't wait ages. Endometriosis symptoms are usually calmer in pregnancy due to the hormone changes. You need to be checked urgently to rule out an ectopic pregnancy especially with a history of endometriosis. Hope all goes okay. Good luck x

  • It could be something and nothing. If you have adhesions they can be tugged at andb stretched as the womb expands causing pains- not much you can do about that, but if it is anything more serious then or likely to develop in to anything moe serious then you certainly do need it monitoring. Wishing you all the luck in the world hoping it's a temporary glitch and nothing more.

  • I had a scare recently. Basically each hospital has an early pregnancy unit. They can do an early scan to rule out an ectopic. You can self refer or your GP can call them and send you along x

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