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Newly diagnosed

Hello everyone. .. I had my laparoscopy on sat 23rd November...so only a few days into recovery. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Im going for my review on Monday so will know much more then. I lost my mum last year..so it makes all this harder for me as I have no one to talk to about it all...female that is. Well anyway nice to meet you all. Speak soon xx

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Hello :) it might be an idea for you to go along to your areas endometriosis support group (these are all listed on the endometriosis uk website). I haven't gone along to mine yet but it's next week and I am really looking forward to meeting some women who can empathise with what I am going through. Also don't get frustrated if you aren't recovering as quickly as you would like. I did this and wanted to feel 'back to normal' (whatever that is!) after 2 weeks and it took a lot longer than this. I would also strongly advise if you are still taking anything like codeine for pain relief at the moment, eat a lot of veggies and not a lot of stodgy food as the operation made me quite constipated and this was painful but I ate mushy veg and had freshly squeezed juice and I think this helped a lot. But most important give yourself time and love to heal :) xx


Thanks catness for replying. I really wanted to recover quick but I know its not gonna happen. I am super constipated at the mo which is made worse by the fact I have hemorrhoids :-( I feel ill every day since the op and people are getting annoyed with me as they think I should have recovered from as they think 'its a minor op'. This doesn't help me recover any quicker. But men don't listen. Thats why I miss my mum even more xx


Hey just thought I'd drop you a line too... I'm lying here after having had my first lap day before yesterday - 4 incisions woke up with catheter and feeling very sore. So I know how you are feeling, and its not pleasant!! It is a horrible illness that can make you feel so down - ive been battling it for years. I don't think anyone can be expected to bounce back from an op that quickly, it's a huge trauma for your body to go through, just processing the general anasthethic is bad enough!! Try and eat lots of healthy food, and stay away from sugars, especially processed ones as they can make your pain worse.

Sending you cyber hugs, rest and hope you feel a bit better soon,



Hi, really empathised with you when reading your post, I took a good few weeks to get over my lap and you are quite right, people do seem to think of it as a minor op but with everything you have going on inside it takes a long while to settle down.

You must be missing your mum so much right now because if you were close all of your instincts would have been to talk it all out with her and have a good cry and a cuddle.

I have a very supportive husband who is wonderful but its not the same, I lost my mum two years before I was diagnosed and I'm sure that from what I am going through and what I saw her go through that she had endo as well. I am having a lot of pain at the moment and even though my lovely mum has been gone for 11 years now I would dearly love to have her here with me for the support and understanding that I know she would have given me.

Just cherish yourself for a while and remember that your body has been through a lot and be gentle with yourself.

Take care



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