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Hi there, I am new here and just wanted to ask a few questions…

I am yet to be formally diagnosed but I have a feeling that we may be on the right track now (after months of digestive investigations came back all clear). I am on the waiting list to see a GYN (probably early next year now). My symptoms are mainly stomach pain (real burning type pain, hip, leg and lower back pain, constant nausea, digestive issues (heartburn, diarreah) side pain, periods are different from what they used to be but do not cause too much issue although it seems to be getting worse each month (I have gone from 3 Days to 6 days, from period pain the day before and the day after to all the way through, sore boobs!!) PMS is the worst! (my poor kids and partner!!) always tired. I have had an ultrasound and only a small cyst (3cm) and follicles on my cervix were found – Dr says this does not account for the pain

I have just started to track these symptoms along with my cycle as I had previously been concentrating on food and diet when we thought it may be GI issues. I finished my period and the pain seemed to go away for several days but looking at my diary and I am about to ovulate – which may explain my pain today (after days of no pain??)

My questions are…

Can the pain be worse if you sit all day? I have a job that requires me at the desk all day and I am sure the pain is worse because of this? I am sure it is not as bad on the weekends when I don’t sit all day. Does anyone experience this?

If you get hip/lower back/leg pain is there any relief? Is this also worse after sitting? Can this occur all month long no matter where you are in the cycle?

What is with the constant nausea?? I thought it was the acid reflux but even the Losec is not helping anymore?? I take meds the DR gave me but again only temporary relief - Ginger helps a little.

The amount of Preg tests I have taken because I wake up feeling sick! And the constant peeing before and during my period – grrrr! Is that an endo symptom?

Thanks for taking the time to read :) Answers to questions much appreciated x

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Hi, I'm new too and was only diagnosed on Friday so not too clued up, but my pain has been constant baring a couple of days for the past 6weeks, iv been sick on a good few occasions and also passed a few occasions too. I have found if I'm not doing much in the day my pain is far much worse than usual, but cant say whether or not its due to the Endo as im newly diagnosed. I'm on various different pain medication and they barely touch the pain.

I hope this helps a little and you get the answers you are looking for hun


hi kiwi1,i use to have the same problem,until I changed my diet.i cut out wheat and gluten and dairy,i know this will be difficult for you as you have a family ang it can be abit arkward cooking different things.also take some eveing primrose and agnus castus it all helps.hope it works for you like it as me.


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