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Help!! I've had 2 laps, a D&C and a hystroscopy, now I can't have sex or use tampons!!

Hi, I hope someone can help me!! I've had 2 laps, a D&C and a hysterosopy! Now I seem to be having trouble having sex or using tampons, ( it's like I can put nothing up there) when I have sex it causes major pain, and when I insert a tampon it sends a shooting pain up into my tummy!

I've been to the doc again and again, she's done tests, everything seems normal, pretty much telling me it's in my head! ( I had 2 laps to remove endo in 2 months and my appendix removed too!) I don't think is all in my head!!!

Had anyone experiences anything like this from these procedures?

Sorry for rambling on!! :)

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Hi Becky92, sorry your having such a rough time at the moment. Im 3 weeks post op after my lap and I'm still pretty sore and bruised, so I can't image what its been like having two in two months is pretty major!

Did your dr do blood tests and swabs? When they do the lap they put a uterine mover up to move your womb around whilst looking for endo which adds to internal bruising. I think you might be expecting abit to much to soon but it very important your doctor has ruled out any infection. Im sorry I can't be of more help. Cat x


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