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At my wits end!!!!

I dont know what to do.... I feel sick constantly from the coil which doctor has suggested removing. Am in constant pain in pelvis, am moody, tired, stressed and just an emotional wreak at the moment. I have exams in 3 weeks that i am going to fail as have been too ill to study. Work is just getting too much and have had to take days off sicks and only been here since January. I was only diagonased in September 2012 and had my Lap June 2013. And it just feels like everything is snowballing and I dont know what to do.

My Gyne suggested a Hystocestomy but at 29 I really didnt want to as will I be menopausal then and how long does that last. Me and my husband already have 2 children aged 9 and 10, but am still upset about not being able to have more.

I am struggling to cope with this so am worried that my husband is as well, I know it is fustrating when i am in pain ad cant stop crying which is most of the time now a days.

Just at a loss and wish I could spend my time curled in a ball in bed, feeling very sorry for myself at the moment.

Ok so I guess my question is what do i do???

Do I have coil removed??


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Hi Ria - let me ask you a question - do you feel that the coil is right for you??? Does that answer your question?

:0) x


What other treatments have you tried? Have you tried the GNRH drugs like prostap or zoladex? These mimic the menopause and you usually go on them for 6 monthly stints. Endo feeds on estrogen which is why drs suggest progesterone only pills/ coils or GNRH drugs which starve the endo of estrogen- thus theoretically halting the growth and spread of the disease and lessening your pain & symptoms. My advice would be coming off the coil if it is making you miserable and discussing other pills or zoladex/prostap.

I would also advise discussing pain management and perhaps trying new pain relief? Also, I hope you don't mid me saying you sound very emotional and depressed so perhaps discussing some pain counselling/ CBT would also provide some emotional and psychological support. You can get antidepressants that have painkilling properties- like Amitryptaline. This may help.

Was your lap done by an endo specialist, and did you have excision or laser therapy? Laser therapy only burns off the surface of an endo lesion which works only if you have superficial mild endo lesions. If you have deeper endo, it will need excising properly and cutting it out by the root. I would reccommend having excision surgery before you consider a hysterectomy.

A hysterectomy is a huge operation, and should be a last resort. It will only get rid of endo if it is on/in your womb. If you have endo anywhere else there is the risk of it returning and spreading on your organs, and you will still need treatment and furture surgeries to get rid of the endo from there.

So my advice: Review hormone therapy, review painkillers, consider counselling, consider excision surgery.

Best of luck hun xx


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