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Anyone know about claiming ESA sickness benefit if you're self employed?


I'm having laparoscopic surgery and some bowel surgery in December and am self employed. Has anyone else claimed benefits in this situation? The gov website is all about being assessed for a long term condition rather than recovering from an op. I guess it's all designed to stop you from applying.

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Citizens advice should be able to advise you as well as your local jobs centre.

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Hi I called them about this, I was told to call a couple of weeks before op and as long as you've paid your ni payments you can claim for each week your signed off. I didn't claim for lap as was only off a week but next op will be 6-8 week recovery so it's not loads, about £70 week I think and you have to have doctor sign you off as proof. They can base it on your income but it depend how much you earn and if your married etc so I'll just claim basic. I called and asked and they were helpfull so just call the number on the website for esa. They also said you can download application and send if I wanted. Hope that helps it's hard when your self employed isn't it and the sick pay isn't much but will cover a few bills so better than nothing!


Should have said esa is the new title for statuary sick pay, ssp and is for temporysick pay not just long term sickness.


Thanks very much. I'll download the forms and see what I can do. Every bit counts!


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