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Has anyone else had really bad period and really horrible pain after lap removal of endo?

I had a lapo 10 days ago, they managed to remove most of the endo, but not all. They also did a dye test, I had bad bleeding after surgery but I went home the same day. I continued to get spotting which my gp said was normal. But now I am having a full blown period, even though I am on crezette. I haven't had a period in almost 3 years and still suffer from lower stomach, lower back and leg pain due to endo. But this is ridiculous.....I have used 12 stanary towels in 2 days (sorry to be so in depth) its just as much as my husband is fully supportive, a man simply cant know what that means and need womenly advice or if anyone else has this situration. I have taken my migraine med because migraine attack also started but managaed to get thats under control, I also taken tramdol and bath,hot water bottle but everytime I move I feel weak and pain is unbearable. Any suggestions, is this normal???

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Hey sorry to hear your in pain it isn't nice :/

Before my op I didn't have periods but since removing endo I do and they are very heavy and very painful. I had one about two weeks after op and it make me sick with pain and like you using double or almost triple the amount of towels and tampons than I would before in my one period a year.

I've read also a few women say the same that the first one after is painful form many... I hope this reassures you a little bit - I hope you feel better soon xxx


Thank you for you reply, I haven't been as bad as today but I hope the periods won't continue because they are so unbearable. I feel reassured that this is the 'norm' after lap. Many thanks for your time and wishes.xxx.


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