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Adhesions found on bowel.....advice needed !!

Hello ladies, I haven't been back on since I had my first lap in August. They found no endo but did find

ahesions on the bowel. They informed that they suspect endo may lay under the bowel and once adhesion removed they will know more. I go back next Monday to see Dr and find out if an op is the next step. Can I ask has anyone

ever been in this situation were endo was found once adhesion was removed ???

Thank you all xx

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Good evening

Sorry to hear of your problems. I had a lap in June for severe endo & they found adhesions on my bowels & deep in pouch of Douglas. For me, they left the adhesions so they did not multiply. All seems to be going well now but I have changed my diet and done all I can to stop it returning

Good luck


Good evening for you all.

i have adhesion in pouch of douglas because of multi endo were found during the lap, we didn't know about until the lap, now i have course of Zoladex for the endo itself,

i hope you'll not find any endo after removing the adhesion,


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