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I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing worsening pains since conception. Could this be a sign of impending miscarriage?

I'm 32 and diagnosed with Endo, Fibroids and Hypothyroidism. I believe I may have conceived and miscarried on at least two previous occasions. This time I have two positive tests to confirm pregnancy. I am exhausted. When I wake within minutes I have severe lower abdominal, lower back, head, and leg pain. Taking 60mg Codeine (prescribed) to no avail. I see my GP soon, until then can anyone advise? Many thanks <3

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Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy :)

Pregnancy with endo is a different experience. Every single twinge you'd normally feel is magnified because even at this early stage, the adhesions you'll invariably have in your pelvis are being stretched and things are moving around. Also, if you are 6 weeks, you're at the point where you'd normally be having a period; I have a friend with endo who had 'periods' all the way through her healthy pregnancy.

I know it's almost a pointless thing to say, particularly when you've already had two suspected miscarriages, but try not to panic. Take it easy until you see your GP.

Good luck :)

C x


Hi Chrissie

I am being sent to an EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) for an Ultrasound to see if the pregnancy is Ectopic.

This might sound awful but I want it to end as I could not take 9 months of this (I will be on Morphine before too long) and if it is ectopic then at least it will be removed though it is far from ideal.

I am morally against the use of abortion in most cases but with regards to my own health I am as I said unable to cope with this if this is to be the standard of my pregnancy.


Let us know how you get on x


Hi everyone

I went to the EPU today but didn't get a scan because it's too early. I had blood taken for hormone levels that will be compared with levels taken on Friday. If the increase is not high enough I will get an appointment for a scan but if it is normal I've been told the implantation should be correct and healthy. Phew!

After that I went to my GP and was written up for stronger pain medication. Since taking it tonight, phew, phew and triple phew. That was scary. I have to admit as I did before that I was beginning to contemplate a termination if the pain was going to chase me like that for 9 months and beyond.

I need to have another Laprascopy when nature allows this time to investigate my sacral region as I am 100% certain I have sacral endo which has caused me chronic pains since I was 13. I used to see a Physio every week out of my dearest Mother's pocket but as we all know, no one seems to know about this disease and, even recently, a Sports Therapist told me that I had 'a problem with the muscle' in my butt. I would guess there is a rather sizable cyst on or around my sciatic nerve and even now I feel twinging and surges of pain down my left leg after a large dose of *Tramadol.

Thank you for all the replies and encouragement. Keep them coming and I will endevour to keep you posted on the progress of my pregnancy, etc. I want this baby so here's to her and please keep me in your prayers. When Aliyah or Reuben arrive we will no doubt forget all this pain and in the meantime thank you for your support.

Unity x


That's good to know.

I'm glad they sorted the pain for you. I understand that it must have been agony for you to be considering your options, but as you can probably imagine there are ladies on this site who would kill for the chance to be in agony for 9 months if it meant that all their dreams came true at the end of it.

Good luck with your results

C x


Yes but they would usually have a partner, wouldn't they?


Hi, congratulations! Please try not to worry as the stress isn't good for you or baby. I am 14 weeks pregnant and was told fairly early on that I could still experience pain. With everything in that area growing and expanding, any scar tissue that is already there has the potential to be aggravated and cause endo like pain. If it is really worrying you speak to your GP but I repeat, try not to worry too much and just enjoy your pregnancy. Good luck.x


I have a scan at the EPU tomorrow and will let you know if they are able to tell me if the embryo is implanted safely or ectopically. It's hard right now as everyone seems to be focussing on me being pregnant and less on the risk that she is ectopic. I had a chat with my best friend about that which has helped. Thank you once again for all the support and replies.


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