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Be persistent! Don't give up pushing the issue with your doc!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site but wanted to share my experience from the past year of trying to get a diagnosis for my condition.

It started in September last year when I was admitted to hospital for 5 days with severe lower right abdominal pains and vomiting every 10-20mins. I was initially told it was appendicitis and/ruptured ovarian cyst, the next day I was told it was gall stones, then endo (with no discussion of tests let alone any being carried out), then kidney stones and finally I was discharged with a kidney infection...I knew then but definitely know now this was not the case.

After constantly going back and forth to the gastric unit and the gp, I was finally referred to the women's hospital after 6 months and they have been great.

I was an exception to the usual symptoms in that I've never had heavy or painful periods, in fact quite the opposite, but since my admission last year I've suffered every day with lower right abdominal pain, periods remained regular and light but had spotting in between.

I had my laparoscopy yesterday and they diagnosed endometriosis and my bowel was stuck to the side where the adhesions were, they removed the endo and repositioned my bowel. Interestingly, the endo was on the left side and at the back of my womb yet the pain has always been on the right?!

Thankfully the op was a success and I hope it doesn't return, I should have a much better chance of becoming pregnant now when the time comes and it's all down to my friends and family supporting and encouraging me to keep forcing the subject with my gp. I was ready to give up earlier this year and at one point I was asked if my pains could be psychological?

I wish everyone who is fighting this disease the best of luck and I'd urge any one to keep pushing the subject with their doc, no matter how few symptoms you may have. You'll get the answer eventually, just be strong and persistent.

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Oh wow! Go you! Thank you for sharing this with us on here. It sucks that we have to fight to be listened to and to get investigated. Esp when having to deal with endo itself is enough of a fight!

Glad you now have some answers and can try move on with your life and understand better what your body has been up to and is up to!

I have given up fighting with my gps. I am hoping that when we get the appointment thru for the fertility specialist that they may listen. My husband is saying I should go back to the gp but I just get so fed up with it all, find it upsetting that I am not being listened to. I find it hard enough fighting and staying strong whilst struggling with endo day in and day out, that the additional stress of fighting at the gps and not being listened to isn't appealing.

Once again thanks for your post.


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