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Need to rant as been let down again by NHS!!

Hope you don't mind but just needed to rant! I was admitted to hospital 2wks ago with pain and was told it was a kidney inf as pain was in my bag round my stomach and travelled down my leg, my heart rate and blood pressure was sky high and I was given iv fluids to bring them down, antibiotics and morphine for the pain. The consultant then came round to assess me, told me it was probably a pulled muscle and sent me home as I wasn't in pain anymore!! (I had just been given morphine) Two days later I went to my GP as I just felt awful, could barely walk as had no strength or energy. He sent me to hospital straight away as my heart rate was up, was put on more fluids, told I had another inf and probably another ovarian cyst so was transferred to hospital with gynaecology ward. 1st dr I seen there said it was def a kidney inf and was to go on iv antibiotics, 2nd dr then said it wasn't an inf and probably a cyst, was scanned and I didn't have a cyst. As my heart rate was high and I was very flushed the dr said she wanted to test me for something called carcanoide syndrome which is actually a form of cancer!! Huge shock to me. I need to complete a 24hr urine collection and would get results in 10days. I had my GP yday for the results for him to tell me that they have misplaced mu urine results so would need to start it all over again!!! Also asked him if he thought my pain, urine problems were all related to endometriosis and he said probably but they are not significant enough to refer me back to gynaecologist. I also suffer from PCOS. Also asked him about adenomyosis as read about it on here and he said its likely I also have that aswell. He has now refered me to an endocrinologist for my heart rate and flushing! Ive had enough now and im at the stage that I want a hysterectomy, I have suffered from endometriosis for 14yrs now as well as PCOS. Im only 31 so I don't think they will do it. Sorry for long post just need to rant!

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Rant as much as you like! You have had an awful time, I completely sympathise with you and understand how you feel. The pain and discomfort is awful and when they keep fobbing you off and saying it's this it's that it gets you down, as for loosing your urine sample that's a disgrace. Now I'm ranting! I do hope you get answers soon. Take care X.


Hugs to you. Not acceptable for anyone to go through that.

You deserve to rant I would be ranting too. What a debacle!!



sorry to hear about your awful time.

I too have suffered with endo symptoms for the last 15 yrs and been back and to for laps and other tests, feel lke i cant go to the docs without them having a mooch in my nethers ! I recently went back and demanded to get this whole thing sorted, sick of iregular periods, unable to have sex due to pain and general fed upness and feeling knackered. I am only 32 and my gyne agreed i have suffered enough and i am schedueled to have a hysterecomy on sept 13th ( nervous but hoping it will end some if not all of my misery) Push for what you feel you need, only you know your body and dont let them fob you off !! good luck x x x


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