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Feeling low :( and I can't handle these night sweats anymore!!!

Hi again..

Since my last operation I've been feeling really positive... But then...

Got my results back Monday and was a good out come so far..

Everything they removed.. My ovaries amd tubes all come back just boarder line cancer which I'm over the moon about.. But they couldn't tell me all my results as they werent all back yet. When doing my operation they also removed for fat tissue from the top of my stomach and that has come back with pre cancerous cells.. They said they think it just pre cancerous cell and that they are just sitting there not causing any problem.. But they have sent them of for further lab testing, and if it is what they think then they will just leave them be and monitor them. But if it comes back that the are invading my fat tissue they have advised me that the best thing for me to do is to have some chemo. :( im so scared about it.. ill find those results of this Friday and take it from there..

I can safly say my menopause has started but mainly get my flush at night causing night sweats.. They want give me any hormone replacements until all my results are back.. Poor hubby has to freeze with all the windows in the house open.. I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep.. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so low?

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Im so sorry to hear your news. Although chemo will be scary and not pleasant it may be good to blast those boarderline cells away so they dont develop. Wishing lots of love for your results.

In terms of menopause I can only help in terms of medically induced menopause. Of course check with your dr first to see if ok for you to take, but I have found taking supermarket own menopause multi vitamin, starflower oil and evening primrose oil (balance mood), vitamin d and calcium (for bone density loss in menopause), magnesium ( for tiredness and neurological wellness), soya isoflavens (mood balance - this has phyto oestrogen in so def check this one with gp) and occasionally sage (for flushes).

I found if I dont have these each day my flushes and cold sweats are ten times worse. Top tips i have been given and researched is avoid hot drinks, showers near bedtime, some food and drink are triggers-alcohol and spicy food, keep a mini fan with you (pocket size travel one), start to cool yourself as soon as they come on, stand at an open fridge when they start, wear layers of cotton clothing, drink plenty of water, don't panic during one, thy will resolve.

Hope this helps, big hugs xxx


Know this is late but only just saw the post. I took sage tablets (got mine from holland &barrett) and I found they worked well for the sweats and flushes. Everyone is different but may be worth a go. Good luck with everything x


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