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Endo and norethisterone

Hi all

I had surgery for endometriosis and ovarian remnant syndrome 2 weeks ago today. The left ovarian remnant and Fallopian tube were removed and part of the lining of the pelvic wall as this was covered in endometriosis. It was my 6th operation for this horribly frustrating condition! The good news is that the ovarian pain has stopped however I am already experiencing that familiar burning pain on my left side. I have an excellent Consultant and GP. I have spoken to my GP this morning about the continuing pain and she has suggested trying Norethisterone. Has anybody else had this and did it help with the symptoms? I don't see the Consultant until the end of Sept so at least by then I should know if it is helping and if not he might be able to suggest something else. It is so disappointing that the pain is still there. Also, although the surgery was 2 weeks ago I still fell pretty washed out! Again, has anyone else taken this long to recover? Would be really grateful for any views. Thank you!

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Norethisterone is a type of birthcontrol or menstrual control pill. You can take it for as long as you need to and it should keep your period at bay. However it is one of those drugs that if you miss taking doses or are ill and the tablet passes through you with the runs and doesn't get a chance to work (often happens on holidays) then it does trigger your period to start in a day or two.

It is a very handy drug to have if you have a big event (wedding, exams, trip abroad etc) coming up and do not want to be on a period, or have some control about when you do have a period.

Quite a lot of us have had the tablets for one thing or another over the years.

and 2 weeks recovery is NOTHING..it is far too soon. It can take many weeks to recover from endo surgery, so please be patient and be kind to your poor old body after what it has been through.

Norethisterone will stave of having a post op period till you feel you are ready to cope with one.

even if your lap holes are healed up, depending on how much was done inside you, how healthy you and your immune system is as healing, and how much rest you get and how well you look after yourself after the op, recovery can often take up to 6 to 8 weeks or even longer.

you might be back at work by then, but if you are not up to returning to work you need to get another sick note from the GP.

Recovery times are so subjective, but even with the simplest surgery 2 weeks would be an exceptionally fast recovery. Not what most ladies experience.


Thank you! Particularly reassuring to know shouldn't expect to be fully recovered yet. Xx

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