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has anyone had periods with the mirena still in?

hi all

i had a big op 5 months ago to have fibroids and cysts and my ovary removed..i had the mirena coil fitted as a preventative to endo. it worked for about 6 months but the last 2 months i have been having periods..proper ones!! last friday i had a scan to see if it was still there inside me and to my surprise it was in-situ!!! waiting for my gp app to find out what to do next...

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Hi hun, I had a mirena back in 2007 after a lap. It had a great result for about 2 cycles but had crazy back pain. Then the periods started again. Worse than ever. After a battle with my consultant I had it removed (I found it hurt like hell having it out). Back to tri cycling my pill which works better.

Hope your feeling better soon x


thanks livelovelaugh


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