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Yoga and endo?

Hi all, I'm relatively new to this. I've suspected my endo for years but it cleared up while I was pregnant and then came back last year (5years) after having my child. Some months are ok and I have no pain and other months are A&E- awful! Can anyone shed light on why I'm fine some months and not others? I recently did a lot of yoga and then had a really really bad spell, could it be related? I generally suffer day 2 of my period, so I have at least a days warning to prepare myself with pain relief. I'm still tired 5 day since my last attack and feels as though I have IBS but lower in my abdomen. Is this endo symptoms? Xx

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Do you do yoga while you are bleeding? I ask because if the theory of endometriosis being associated with "retrograde menstruation" is true then it is possible (although no studies exist on the subject) that all the stretching and squeezing could cause more blood to squeeze out of the top of the fallopean tubes causing more fresh implants. Especially inversions (like downward dog) where your uterus is side by side or above your fallopean tubes causing more endometrium cells to escape that way with gravity.

As I said this is just educated guesswork but maybe avoid yoga when you are bleeding?

You could try this for a few months to see if it makes a difference.

Yoga is a fantastic exercise, I think it is ideal for people with endo but I avoid vigorous activity, yoga or any activity which will take me upside down while I am bleeding since I read about retrograde menstruation just to me safe.

Hope this helps

Crystal x


Hiya. I don't know about the yoga ( I do yoga as a way of keeping myself calm when this condition is stressing me out) but before my endo was properly spotted, I was diagnosed with IBS and took tablets for it for 5 years. At my most recent lap the surgeon said my bowels were stuck together with endo and that was the cause of my symptoms, not IBS. So it's worth following up. Take care xx


I've recently been told that my endo has grown around my bowel. Prior to discovering my endo and the pain becoming extremely bad I was an active runner, mountaineer and climber. Due to symptoms I've had to give up all of this. After much research, I have discovered that exercise (and any excessive movement) can stretch the endo and therefore make the pain a lot worse. This may be what is happening when you go to yoga. I love yoga but know that it will certainly cause you to engage your tummy muscles and to hold positions in a stress position for long lengths of time...... this will certainly explain your increased pain after exercise and particularly in the tummy region. I find a hot bath and a hot water bottle can help a little to relax the tummy muscles.

Hope you can find some way of reducing the pain :)


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