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my Endo story

hi all,

i have been confirmed to have endo since 2005. i have had 3Laps, subtotal Hysterectomy (left cervix) i also had appendix removed all due to this diseaise. i am now due to have another op to remove my cervix that is stuck to my bowel, so also got to have temp iliostomy done NOT HAPPY.

endo is soooooo unfair and what it does to you as a person is hard to explaine mostly too people that look at you and say " u look fine too me" i know Cancer is alot worse but you cant see that eaither but no one questions you have it just cos they cant see it do they.

i think the worst part of having Endo, apart from the pain is peoples attitudes towards it. Doctors are the worst, they look at you as if to say "what do you expect me to do for you, heres some painkillers" I DONT BLOODY WANT PAINKILLERS, I WANT YOU TO DO YOUR JOB AND HELP ME!!". why dont doctors know more about this condition? so many of us have it you would think by now they would have lernt something.

I hate Endmetriosis and all that it does not only to my body but too our lifes and who we once was i wouldnt wish it on anyone.

Big Endo hugs too all of my endo sisters and hope one day we will be free of this life, IF WE HAVE ANY ORGANS LEFT THAT IS LOL XXXXX

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Your story is just too common and very sad. I'd be hugging you if I were there.

So you know, there are doctors who really do know what you are going through and they care. Have you heard of Million Woman March. This is spearheaded by a doctor in my area, Doctor Nezhat. nezhat.org/endometriosis/mi... He is an endo specialist who cares enough to organize this event. I don't know where you are, but that March will occur throughout the world. Please join the group on Facebook so you can join with others in your area and can be a part of it wherever you are. (he doesn't have the facebook link on his site, but you should be able to find it by searching in FB.)

And there are more, but sadly not enough. But with all of us fighting and waving the yellow ribbon, awareness will grow, and then after awareness come solutions. I know it doesn't help much now because you are suffering so much. But I hope you can be comforted in knowing that there are many of us working this very minute to help you.

Big hug to you.



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