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No more ovaries!! Menopause?!?

Hi all.

Thanks for the replies I got to my last post, before I went in for my op. I went in for surgery last Monday, came home Tuesday. I had ovaries removed. Recovery has been better than I anticipated, nowhere near as painful when I came round from hysterectomy.

I also had HRT implant put in, however no menopause symptoms yet, none. I have read that some women experienced symptoms after a few days, others it took longer like a few

Weeks others months - just wanted to ask if anyone else had experience of this and when you started to get menopause symptoms? I am day 9

Post op now... Thanks ladies. Clare

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Hi, glad your recovering well.... I also have had both ovaries removed 5 weeks ago and started to get menopause symtoms about 3 weeks after op. At 4 weeks I started a light period and still bleeding now!

Went food shopping yesterday and did the school run and I'm totally pooped today.. Still in bed and its 10:00!


Thanks for responding. Glad you're doing ok, although can totally relate to being so tired!! I attended my friends funeral Tuesday and its knackered me out!!

The bleeding you mentioned - have you still got your uterus? I had hyst 6 years ago so the ovaries were all that was left, just wondering if you can bleed without having uterus?! Although that may seem or be a stupid question!!

Menopause symptoms - which have you experienced and how bad? Just one other question are you on HRT? I have an implant. Last few days felt very low, very 'flat' mood wise, not sure if that's hormones or the op or the other stuff have been dealing with. Thanks so much for your response nice to speak to someone who is going through the same thing!!! Hope you're having a good day today!! Xxx


Hi, I had my ovaries out 5wks ago too.

Suffering from awful night sweats and a few stiff joints & headaches - started about wk 2-3 post op.

I will start taking HRT next week, hopefully it will help with these symptoms!!

Keep taking things easy - it's still early days yet - here's hoping to pain free living!!!! :-) xx


I had a total hysterectomy 6 weeks ago and started HRT immediately. Have had no symptoms of menopause and really don't expect to on this. Maybe if one doesn't suit the type they have its possible?!! Hope all goes well for you and have a pain free future x j x


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